Brain Protein Promotes the Maintenance of Chronic Pain

A protein called RGS4 (Regulator of G protein signaling 4) plays a prominent role in the maintenance of long-term pain states and may serve as a promising new target for the treatment of chronic pain conditions.
The discovery may help doctors stop acute pain from progressing into chronic pain, a condition in which patients experience not just pain, but a number of debilitating symptoms ranging from sensory deficits to depression and loss of motivation. The transition from acute to chronic (pathological) pain is accompanied by numerous adaptations in immune, glial, and neuronal cells, many of which are still not well understood. As a result, currently available medications for neuropathic or chronic inflammatory pain show limited efficacy and major side effects. 

Commonly administered opioids provide a temporary alleviation of some pain symptoms but carry serious risks like addiction in the context of long-term treatment for chronic pain. Therefore, there is an imminent need for novel …

Bone Loss and Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV and HCV

Among the numerous comorbidities that affect people living with HIV (PLWH), an increased prevalence of osteopenia and osteoporosis has been observed across a range of studies. The etiology of reduced bone mineral density (BMD) in this population has been linked to various factors, including those associated with HIV infection and treatment, as well as unrelated factors.

As a result, PLWH has a greater prevalence of fractures compared with the general population, with one study showing rates of 2.87 vs 1.77 per 100 people per year, especially involving the spine, hip, and wrist.
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Chronic Diseases Prevention - A Glance

An Ounce of Prevention is Better than Pounds of Cure - Here are some of the important key facts to keep us away from the Chronic Diseases.
1. Physical Activity : Be active and keep going 2. Healthy Eating : Our health depends on what we are eating 3.Live Smoke Free 4.Limit your Alcohol Intake 5.Manage Your Stress : Relax 6.Get Screened for Cancer and Other Diseases 7.Get a Good Night Sleep

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Combating Chronic Diseases: Technology and Innovation

According to recent statistics revealed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) dementia including Alzheimer’s diseases is the leading cause of death in most of the countries.
What may be the cause for rising Chronic Conditions?
Mass UrbanizationEasily available convenient foodRaise in sedentary work patterns
Digital Technologies and Chronic Diseases
Sooner in the upcoming days with the recent advancement in the fields of digital technologies, they will play an important role in preventing degenerative brain diseases such as dementia.
Tolerating the pain in chronic diseases is the most important fact when we deal with the area of chronic diseases management. In the next few years, the area of localized pain relief will be taken to the next level.
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Anemia and Chronic Diseases : The mystery Behind Chronic Diseases

Anemia of chronic diseases usually occurs as the part of chronic inflammatory disorder, most often chronic infection, autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases, or cancer.
Treatment to these types of anemia due to chronic conditions may include recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) and iron supplements.

These types of anemia are usually mild and in most of the cases transfusions are usually not required. The list of chronic diseases that may cause anemia includes cancer, HIV/AIDS, Rhematoid arthritis, kidney diseases, crohn’s diseases, and other inflammatory disorders.
The important fact to be realized in this cases includes there is no specific treatment for this type of conditions doctors mainly focus on the treatment of underlying diseases.
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Chronic Diseases: Storm Ahead

Experts often intimate about the upcoming chronic diseases storm in the next 20 years particularly due to the alarming increase in the rates of diabetes and chronic diseases. Due to the rapid raise in the prevalence of chronic diseases chronic care needs are growing and conquering considerable demand on the health systems.

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Sleep and Chronic Disease : Check-In to know more

Chronic Illnessoften lasts for longer time..They get further worse due to the lack of complete and effective sleeping hours.
As chronic diseases have assumed an increasingly common role in premature death and illness, interest in the role of sleep health in the development and management of chronic diseases has grown.

Persons with sleep apnea have been found to be at increased risk for a number of cardiovascular diseases.
The relationship between sleep and depression is complex.
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